TDI SDI Facility №1003563

Places for diving

In the vicinity of Sozopol:

Unknown shipwreck, max depth 13m, suitable for beginners


- artificial reef, shipwreck Pioner – max depth 18m, suitable for beginners and advanced divers, opportunity to enter;


- unknown shipwreck with max depth 24m, ,re-equiped as a diving range, perfect place for advanced divers;


- shipwreck Rodina, max depth 40m;


- shipwreck Mopang, max depth 33m;

- diving around the islands St. Ivan and St. Peter, between 0 and 20m

- diving near beautiful fiords and a small underwater cave in the bay st. Stefan



Tcarevo – sunken sailing-boat,.depth 55-60m, suitable for technical diving;




Exceptionally beautiful places for diving  depth 20 to 50m

The interesting trips out of Bulgaria, that we offer are he Egyptian resorts Hurgada and Dahab, where we offer a whole lot of different diving places.